Gay marriage

same-sex-marriage2As I’m posting this, 17 states allow gay marriage, while 33 ban it. In 1967, there were 17 states that still banned interracial marriage, until a Supreme Court ruling that year made those bans unconstitutional.

One day, the current controversy surrounding gay marriage will seem as strange to people as the controversy surrounding interracial marriage back in 1967. Yet as I write this, the controversy remains high, as gay marriage gains momentum, and its opponents dig in their heels.

Throughout this controversy, I have been listening for a convincing argument against gay marriage. So far the only notable ones are non sequiturs about how legalizing gay marriage will open the door to people marrying their sisters or their dogs. I hope the people worried about this are also vegans, for if you allow people to eat meat, and they eat cows and chickens today, what prevents them from eating dogs and cats and people tomorrow?

But here I must stop, lest I spiral down the drain of bad arguments alone. If you think you have a legitimate argument against allowing gay marriage, leave a comment, and we’ll discuss.