On the road with Biola

IMG_20150501_184007A quick shout out to Sean McDowell and Tim Muelhoff, professors in the Apologetics and the Communications departments at Biola University. I had the privilege of hearing both of them speak this weekend in Richland, Washington, during Biola’s “Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World” seminar series, and they are world class. They’re also great guys, and evidence that smart, self-reflective individuals exist in all walks of life, including evangelical Bible colleges. It would be a privilege to take one of their classes, but unfortunately this may be as close as I ever get to doing so, since Biola does not allow unbelievers to enroll. So guys, I know about the casting of pearls before swine and all that, but tell the University trustees that a degree in Christian Apologetics at Biola might just be what’s needed to get this atheist saved. And if Jesus would leave the 90 and 9….

Just sayin’.

3 thoughts on “On the road with Biola

  1. It was a joy hanging with you, Emery. I love our discussions and always appreciate your careful thinking. Let’s do it again soon!

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