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There are few modern endeavors less successfully executed than the blog. Click on the “blog” link of many sites, and you will see a few anemic posts from years ago when the site was created. Or you may see that posts to the blog section are perpetually “coming soon.” If cobwebs could form on the internet, blogs would be the corners where they collect.

This blog has been no exception. Yet there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about things I would like to write. The thoughts are there, but the time, or more likely the discipline, are lacking. Still, the interest does not wane. Ask anyone who regularly spends time with me, and they would easily tell you my favorite topics of conversation. The words “ad nauseam” would likely come up.

My quest since I lost my religion, was to find someone with a convincing argument why I should return. The quest remains, and may return in this blog. For now, I find my inquiry mostly takes the form of conversation. If you are a Christian and would like to discuss this topic, I would love to hear from you.

Until writing makes sense again,


6 thoughts on “Final blog post (for now)

  1. emery. why did you lose your religion. what made you stop believing? i believe that god exists because i look at what i went through and what i have overcome. i have been in situations where god has shown himself true and only by god have i overcame. blessings come from god and the bible is true. it makes sense and if you tried reaching out to god you wouldnt have left the faith. it would out worked out for you, like it did for me. im just assuming though on you.

  2. I accidently came across your blog, which incidentally has probably got quite a few cobwebs at present, but at that felt it warranted a reply.
    Nothing but God makes sense in this life, every single thing in existence provides vital evidence of his existence. Taking God out of the equation you are removing the existence of tea leaves in tea, if there is no God then nothing in this world makes sense logically or emotionally. What would be our purpose in life to live, eat, sleep, try and achieve something and have it taken away by death – that would definitely be pointless. Evolution is out of the question as all of a sudden we are no longer changing, why aren’t certain species still evoluting into humans? Big bang I believe in but an organised one, one planned and brought together by the ultimate planner and developer, God. Something so accidental as it is put in some scientific terms can’t create this amount of complexity and order.
    I think the only way you can help yourself to get out of this predicament is to ask God yourself, to sincerely ask God to show you the truth of his existence and to guide you to the best way of worshipping him.
    Wishing you all the best I truly hope you find religion; maybe you have to be open to the fact that it is not in the form you expected it to be. As a fellow human being for your own benefit ask God to help you, imagine being raised from the dead realising you got it all wrong, that would be the true loss.

    1. What does the belief in God have to do with religion?? I believe in an all-mighty, and all-LOVING God. One who doesn’t require us to pick one specific “faith” for the entire world. I’m spiritual. I believe in a higher power….but I don’t believe in a man on a pulpit telling me and the rest of the world what to believe and that if i don’t believe that….i will burn in eternity. I wouldn’t want to serve a supposed all-loving God that wanted to send everyone who didn’t believe and think exactly the same to an eternity of suffering. The world should look to our creator, our God for examples of love and kindness….not exclusivity. God doesn’t have to look the same to everyone on this earth. It’s realizing that there is a creator and that he does offer peace, love and happiness….but that you don’t need religion to discover that inner peace. Just alone, the realization that we are spiritual beings, that there is a loving God who wants to give us everything we need, and want…..but that that love is not only offered to people who read the bible.

  3. Inaccurate to say I “lost” my religion. “Tossed” works better. It’s been nearly 15 years. And a month beyond that, will be 30 years since I decided to immerse myself in Christianity, hoping to he “fixed” from outside myself. Various religious organizations advertised God and Jesus as being able to fix anything, anyone. After 15 years of waiting, praying, reading scriptures, singing hymns, and attending church, I called this deity into my office and said YOU’RE FIRED. That was it. Just days later, I found your site. Thank you for being there as the newest (and BEST) chapter of my life was starting. Friendly Atheist, Bruce Gerencser, MoJoey, Black Tsunami, Godless in Dixie, and so many more have come along since. I hope they inspire you as you did me. Thanks again, and may you have love, luck and happiness!

  4. I still believe in God but do not trust in pastors or church. My old pastor flirted with me and we had an emotional affair. I felt a romantic connection with him during worship. I felt that he put me under a love spell and then he brainwashed me to cal him Daddy Jesus. I told him that I liked him and wanted to marry him. Then one night I put make up and pants and did a dance for him and he delivered me to Satan. I was sick in the hospital after that because I stopped taking my meds. He never showed up to visit me or pray for me. Today he is giving me the silent treatment for leaving his church. I am heartbroken because I thought he loved me. Why would he flirt with me when he is married. I guess he was using me as his source of supply cuz he is a narcissist.

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