It’s been a while since Brother Russell and I created Losingmyreligion.com. At the time we sought to create a resource we didn’t have when we left our religion: like-minded individuals to talk to, who were going through a similar experience. Now the internet has exploded with blogs, message forums, and videos on the topic. Those leaving their faith today will find themselves in good company, and I hope we helped in a small way to bring that about.

In 2005 I started the podcast “A Christian and an Atheist,” and over the years many thoughtful Christians have come onto the show to discuss various apologetic topics with me. As a result, some of the arguments I’ve had against Christianity have been strengthened, others weakened, and a few abandoned altogether. I will always be grateful to the many Christians and atheists who generously gave of their time to participate in the show and message forum. They have left me with the invaluable gift of having more knowledge than I did before.

With the current wealth of great arguments by atheists and other non-believers against core doctrines of the Christian faith, I often wonder if there is anything further for me to say. Likely I add nothing original to the discussion. But most Christians add little original material themselves, yet Christian writings on these topics continue to proliferate and infuse our culture. Although the “new atheist” movement has helped amplify the message of nonbelievers, we remain a small ship floating on a vast sea of religiosity.

This blog is a small attempt to help shore up the bulwark, a bulwark built by giants on whose shoulders I am privileged to stand.

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  1. I just recently (within the last month) discovered the “A Christian and An Atheist” podcast. I realize that I am extremely late to the party, but I am blown away I what I have heard so far. I just finished episode 9, so I still have a long way to go. Anyway, I am a former agnostic who did not become a Christian until about three years ago at the age of 36. Seems we went in opposite directions! At any rate, I really just wanted to say thank you for the podcast and your website here. They are both informative and graciously articulated.

  2. Another person late to the party here, sorry I missed all the online discussions. Christian here and I appreciate the intelligent conversations that help me become more prepared to discuss many of these issues with people in my life. I do feel there are some details to specific issues that maybe can or help explain certain things. For instance I recently listened to the Genesis 1-11 and talking about God’s lack of presence in Eden I think is incorrect. I believe God created man to live and interact with them in Eden. After the fall it says God was walking in the Garden looking/searching for Adam (even though He knows where he is I think He is playing off of Adam’s guilt) so His intention was to live on the same level as humans but since sin got in the way, we could not be on the same level. As far as God’s lack of knowledge of the human/sinful nature within the ability of free will I believe it cam somewhat be explained in the way that an RPG video game programmer inserts the coding for every possible route that you can take as a player or character in the game, but cannot predict which route they would take. God created and knows every possible route so the omniciousness is intact and the free will that humans are granted is also explained. God didn’t think humans would get as corrupt as they did in the first go around with really no rules or guidelines and so when he restarted with Noah it didn’t take Him long to implement laws and morals to keep people from being so self destructive. Anyways there’s lots to go on about but thought I’d just do what I can to throw out those thoughts. Sorry if this isn’t the place to do it, but this is as far as I got.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for hosting the interactive forum. I’ve spent way more time than I should have arguing the atheist case as captain howdy. There were some pretty sharp cookies on the Christian side of the fence too, I’ll say that for them. But in the end, no matter how well-read or articulate they are they still have to explain away God’s apparent absence as well as the apparent presence of gratuitous evil and that is something they seem to struggle with for some strange reason. Really, to me Christianity as an idea is so weak that any Christian that can manage a draw in an honest debate with an atheist should be viewed as the winner.
    But I digress. My primary reason for contacting you is to ask if you’ve pulled the plug on the forum. I haven’t been able to log onto it for a couple of weeks now—I keep getting these weird database error messages. But please accept my thanks in any case.

    1. Hey Howdy, Jesus Raves here. I’m trying to figure out the same thing. This comments section may not be the best place to ask, though. I doubt he checks this place anymore.

      1. Hey JR, Thanks for keeping me in touch with Tim O’Neill, we thrashed out the Jesus Myth for about 5 weeks. My new Australian friend Neil Godfrey has smashed him a few times on his own atheist site, http://vridar.org/?s=tim+o%27neill and has agreed to do a guest post on the forum when it gets back again, hopefully soon. Look forward to chatting with you and all the other guys soon, mate!

    2. Howdy,

      I’ve explained to you why The Lord isn’t absent, and have responded to your thoughts on gratuitous evil, and you never had a good response to what I had to say.

  4. Howdy & JR,

    I emailed Emery and he said it appears to be a problem with his host, and that he’s trying to fix. Hopefully it’ll be up and running again soon.

    1. Thanks for the update, Clare.

      P.S. You never find sufficient our responses to your challenges. That’s just how it goes. 😉

      1. Howdy,

        We can disagree on a topic but still present adequate posts. When I responded to your topics on why God is absent and gratuitous evil, all you had was poorly thought out rebuttals, or none at all.

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  6. Hi y’all! SEG here and I have been trying to contact the admins too. If it is a financial issue, maybe I can help with a donation, or I have friends that could help solve the SQL error. Please let Emery know that I can help if required.

  7. Hi, Humanguy here. Will the discussion forum actually be repaired one day, or are we all better off just walking away? I hate to lose the friends I have there.

  8. Scripture
    first book of Samuel has fifty mistakes
    second book of Samuel has 70 mistakes

    first book of Kings has eighty mistakes
    second book of Kings has 100 mistakes.

    Scripture has 300 mistakes in four books.

    Ezra has thirty mistakes
    Deuteronomy has sixty mistakes

    Bible has three hundred and ninety mistakes in six books.

    Gospel of john has thirty mistakes.
    Acts of the Apostles has sixty mistakes.

    In eight books, Bible has four hundred eighty mistake.
    Genesis has sixty mistakes.

    1. Are they mistakes or are the interpretations you have heard mistaken? The passage of time is known to dilute or alter all text and context. What you say today is easily misinterpreted or misconstrued tomorrow…..even with modern technology/copy/paste/internet/email etc.

      It is why society needs to keep the original text as it was without diluting it. We are obligated to spread that text and educate its meaning as it was originally written, with thought on who wrote it and the time they lived whilst they wrote it.

      Everything changes with time. Thought. Opinion. Perspective.

      We live in different times with differing expectations so it s unsurprising that words have different meaning today.

  9. Ooopps…. Space X Broadcasts Flat Earth Without Fisheye Lens

    Apparently, Space X forget a fisheye lens on one of its cameras. Go to http://www.morningstarstale.com, scroll down the home page, click on the Space X video and forward to the 10:43 minute mark. There are two separate cameras showing two very different views of the earth.

    So is the earth flat? And if it is, why are we being lied to?

    Take Care
    Lee Austin

  10. Could you do me a favor, please read my book (Goodbye my god) which is published onAmazon. Please give me a feedback or some recommendations after reading the book.
    My name is Ahmed El Kashef. I am an Ex-Muslim and I suffered a lot until I get rid of my inherited religion which admires strange myths, violence and terrorism. No one can imagine the Atheists sufferance in Islamic countries. I am an Egyptian citizen, so I am an eye witness on the official and non-official Islamic inquisition against Atheists who are considered as apostates or Satan followers.

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